Friday, November 26, 2010

I think I'm turning JAPANESE...I really think so..!

Sorry for the long delay between post, I've been really lazy. So I decided to combine all eating adventures into one huge blog.....also I ate at heaps of Japanese restaurants, hence the title!!

Here we go~!

KODORI - Teppenyaki Ramen Tempura

Place: Broadway Shopping Centre, 1 Bay Street, Broadway NSW 2007

This was more a fusion korean/japanese takeaway place. You can order meals like bimbimbap, jap che or ramen and teppenyaki.
Prices are relaticely cheap around $12ish

This their version of katsudon, instead of the traditional soup stock and egg on top they have this seaseme seed sauce. I'm not quite sure what kind of sauce it was but it did have a hell of alot seaseme seeds which was a bit too much. Made it taste funny but each to there own!!
I would like to go back an try there other meals...looks quite interesting


Place: along Broadway st

Japanese restaurant, i suspect run by koreans, judging from the constant kpop playing in the bakground.

I really like this place, mostly because of the set menus you can get for really cheap. the set menus consist of a meal with your normal rice or noodle dish and a plate of sushi of your choice. I
Prices are really good for what you get: you can choose from $10, $15, $20 and $25, depending on the type of meal you get.

I got the eel dish with the eel such which also has avocado and a tempura prawn inside. (notice the big wooden spoon hahah)

This is the salmon dish and I forgot to take a picture of the sushi that came with it sorry!!

The dishes were really big, I don't know if you can see it but eel and salmon serving was huge!!
I really recommend this especially for hungry uni people who are looking for good food close by.

I'll update again later .....happy eating!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chai Review: Max house BBQ and E-Bar

Restaurant: Max House E-Bar and BBQ (what is an E-bar???)

Address: 8-14 Broadway CHIPPENDALE NSW 2008 

Website: None 

Price Range: $2-$40 (depends what you get aye)
Overall Rating: 7.3 (LOL. specific much)

Me and Diane went on a date tonight =D Celebrated my last exam!!! wootwoo!!!
We thought we'd go abit Fancy and eat out.

We decided to get the set menus priced at $33.80 each... High roller i know.. but we thought... "hey you know what? we both work now and we're on a special date... why not?" 
Diane ordered the Hot-Pot Set and I ordered the BBQ set =] Both were 3 course set meals... We shared of course... because the best meals are when you taste your own food... and other ppls food =) sharing is caring.
It was a good experience =). 
The place is still new and they have some refining to do, especially in the service department... but the food tasted good.

A tad pricey at $34. Good for dates and the experience and to cook your own food.. but i think buying the set menu is a one off for me thanks.. next time will go for individual orders. Looked at the other customers and the servings looked HUGE for like.. $12ish i think... And the people there were friendly enough.. had a long chat about China with this old man who approached us.. i think he was like an owner or something because he went behind the counter and made his own coffee. He was talking about how he went to china and saw pandas and how all the food was chilli, oh and about how he's lived in Sydney since 1958!!! Anyway.. i digress. The atmosphere was nice... very stylish. Still setting up though.. Is set to have touchscreen ordering per table. 


Well here's what we got! :)
and we ate it ALL... then got some asian ice-cream from the asian grocery down the road! Dessert is in another stomach, right diane? ;)

ENJOY!!! I know I did =L
 diane looking uber excited for the meal! =]
Salmon Salad, Beef/mushroom/egg soup and this yummy cheesy prawn seafood toast thing..
OOOHHH!!! and the salt and pepper calamari!!!!



Now she's excited...
 BBQ Set

Hot Pot Set

Dianes octopus!!!! Sooo cute!!!

BEFORE (Raw)------------------------>>   AFTER(Cooked)!


Rice is nice =]

LOL! My scallop.. i got too excited and i ate it before taking a photo
Diane's HUGEMONGOUS Oyster!

Our surprise present Eggplant :)

MANGO PUDDING!!!.. then ice cream from a different shop ><


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Food Update: Chobib Edition

At long last Chobib has come back to post something. Ok, so I don't have as many cool photos as Chai over there. But I have an AWESOME place to recommend.

Little Gem Cafe

This little cafe is situated in Sydney's North Shore, Gordon. Address: 1 Moree Street. Owned by Bryant and Cindy. They are the friendliest people you will ever meet - and they will always remember you after your first visit - no matter how extremely busy it gets (and trust me, for a tiny cafe, it gets busy! Especially, with the amount of offices around the area and the lack of good cafes).

The first thing to try is their coffees. BEST caramel latte's ever. But it's not just because of the syrup. Their coffee beans are fantastic and the coffee is made with care.

Next up is the sandwiches. They are always fresh and they always taste great. My personal favourite, a jaffal with ham, cheese, tomato, baby spinach and vegemite. YUM! Bryant always looks at us funny when we order it.

Lastly, the big breakfast. It is SURE to get you full. Actually, you probably would not be able to finish it! Another thing for breakfast: the bacon, egg and cheese roll. mMmmm.

My friend and I knew Bryant when he used to co-own Norita (Liverpool St, Sydney 2000). He was the guy with long crazy hair. Now it's short and, 3 or so years since we last saw him, he still remembers us - and my boyfriend who I started seeing at Norita. Now, he and Cindy work 7 days a week, just them two, from 7am until 5pm (on week days, 4pm on the weekend). They definitely are two hard working, dedicated people.

So, next time you're in the area - or not even - just next time when you want some good coffee and cafe food, visit Little Gem Cafe. You'll always remember it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Bucks Diner in ROOTY HILL
Tis a burger joint... It has become a regular haunt of mine.
All kinds of burgers and fried seafood goodness. There is desserts for the sweet of tooth and pastas for the saucy =) oooh and they have curry and salads too! Schnitzels and steaks! Amazing stuff!
Cheap too! prices range between $3 and $14!!! VALUE!!!

The lady is super sweet! get to know her! sometimes she watches when you eat and listens to your conversations. we were talking about gravy and aoli and stuff and she walks over to the table and gives us free sauces. LOL but yes =) she also gives us free lollipops.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chai Review: Sydney Crave food festival NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS

Apologies for the MIA-ness.. we've all been really busy with life, and need i mention again Nina losing at bowling and her restriction from wanna-spoon.... 

ANYWAY! Noodle Markets!
So we came.. we went... we conquered... but how was it?

Honestly... Loved the environment.. Loved the company... and Loved SOME of the food

It was good because I went with the right people and with the right intentions... TOO EAT!!!
As I expected some of the prices were a tad steep.
I think going to a place like that you just have to choose the right food.
Here's who went and what we ate:
 It was a YAY gathering... Myself, Diane and Nina.
We walked around. we saw food :) we bought food and as we continued to walk and look at food we did not stop to eat and did not stop eating. we ate whilst walking. haha we didn't even stop to take a photo. multi-taskers we are. =)

here's what we bought... 
We bought salt and pepper squid and tentacles  i think $8 pretty alright
Spicy beef and cheese okonomiyaki (japanese pancake) sooooo yummy! $5
butter chicken, rice, salad noodles and some special amazing potato.. butter chicken, not so great, everything else was alright $5 potato was amazing
CHAT TIME FISHBALLS!!! $3 a stick! HEAPS YUMMMM!!!! nom nom nom nom (highlight of the food taste-side of the experience)
Pofferttjes (Dutch mini pancakes) alright aright.. abit not worth the price i think? $12


We sat in the grass and finished off our food. The sun went down and the lights went on.. and that was the highlight of my night :) Can't Wait till next year!!!! Time to try new things! wootwoo. see video below for more photos :)

Note: This blog is a product of my exam time procrastination. =) UNI DOOOOOOM!!!!