Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sorry guys!!! where have we been?

Sorry... we were on Hiatus.

It's actually funny because this time we've been away is probably the time when we've had an abundance of food experiences!!!

I've gained like 100kg of Christmas/New year holiday weight.

I've been to many places myself, and i know the other girls have too, but we haven't been able to blog due to all the growing up we've been doing :( 

Moving out, getting full-time Jobs, holidaying etc. so we've been really.... not blogging. 

Instead of boring you with all the nitty gritty details of my food experiences i'll just post a bunch of my taken pictures from EVERYWHERE. *drool at will*

oooh! also! briefly mention the CHRISTMAS FOOD BLOGGERS PICNIC! Nina has a draft blog which i'll make her post soon... but.. it was AMAZING =)
especially the KK part ;) Vicious food bloggers.. 

Sorry I'll be blogging more.. i promise...

Oh btw  I'm blogging in a lecture.. LOL! talk about procrastination and distraction.
 i have so many places to post about -__-" i just haven't been! SORRY AGAIN!

2011!!!! SHOW ME WHAT YA GOT FOOD! heaps excited!