Wanna know what we are all about? ;) Who? What? Where? Why? and..... wanna spoon?????

We have decided to make a food blog for the people, by the people. But, before we get down and dig deeply with our trusted spoons. I believe it's only suitable that we introduce ourselves.

The WHO:
Collectively we are a group of 5 young women who share a most passionate and overwhelming appreciation of food.
Originating from one of Sydney's leading cities in cultural sophistication, Blacktown, the 5 of us united together in 2006 at the peak of our Secondary Education doom, known in NSW as the HSC.
Our friendship began as a means of procrastination, stress-relief and cheap entertainment, but now, (deeply rooted in the ultimate glory of food) has blossomed into an indissoluble and unseperable bond.
As a group, we are known as the "YAYA'S". 
We roam the streets of Sydney and abroad, buying, cooking, trying, tasting, eating and consuming foods of all kinds (and alot of it) Be it entree, main or dessert. After grazing for hours on food fit for 20 or more, often you will hear the suggestion for dessert, followed swiftly by "It's okay... Dessert is in a seperate stomach".

Our motto is "We eat... don't judge us"

Come and get to know us. Here's an inner look into the characters involved in the YAYA'S:

 [Y] Chai - Often the instigator of many of the YAYA'S food Escapades and food experimentations. As a result of an abundance of free time, Chai often rally's the gang for random, spur of the moment, food adventures.
  Most distinguishable food habit or favour: Mixing and combining a multitude of sauces and dips to create new flavors.
Food talent or trick: "The chicken trick" (May blog about it in the future)

[A] Diane - The "ultimate Teeny-Bopper (TB) asian" of the YAYA'S, Diane is key to many asian snack and restaurant discoveries centralizing in the Sydney CBD. Her tertiary student lifestyle has enabled her to uncover little pockets of Gold hiding in the sidestreets and corners of Sydney. Smallest in Stature, it has to be said that Diane is most talented at packing away the most food in one sitting of all the YAYA's.
Most distinguishable food habit or favour: Favour's asian snacks such as pocky and choco pies. NOTE: Timer or frequent reminders, a must when baking with Diane.
 Food talent or trick: Ability to eat GREAT amounts of food (As pre-mentioned) and also able to provide Musical entertainment during the intake of beverages. Also her burp-ability is second to none. Highly gifted in producing charcoal cakes and pies.

[Y] Nina - Don't let her slow and steady pace, and lack of visible fat mislead you. Nina exhibits stamina in feasting. Of all the YAYA'S, Nina upholds the practice of whole day grazing the most. Nina once stated that she wants to be reincarnated as Wagyu stock, because they are just pampered and fed all day. Nina's random cravings and descriptive explanations of food are often the inspiration for food multi-stops in which we gather a variety of food items from different places. CAUTION: Do not feed her excessive amounts of dairy products, especially yoghurt.

  Most distinguishable food habit or favour: Nina is notably very much a texture person. Must have something crunchy as accompaniment. First choice is potato Chips.

  Food talent or trick: Alongside her grazing abilities, Nina displays quality spoon on nose balancing. Her deep-rooted east-asian heritage has given her impeccable chopstick technique, which is evident as she elegantly and skillfully plucks a specific, well thought-out and eyed, piece of fried flour or minuscule onion from a dish to receive the desired taste. Note also that Nina is, quite proudly, unbeatable in the release of both toxic and non-toxic gases into the atmosphere.

[A] Kit - Kit can often be found hibernating in her Mansion. Her eating habits whilst apart from the YAYA'S, remain somewhat of a  Mystery, much like the eating habits of the elusive Loch Ness, however it is fair to say that in the right company, Kit is more than able to hold her own. Her laid back and "i don't care what I'm eating, as long as it's food" attitude makes her the perfect meal companion, and when feasting YAYA'S styles, she eats with as much gusto and fervour as the rest. Kit is also the provider of Tuna Bake and Brownies, which since the beginning, are staples in ultimate YAYA'S feasting menu. 

Glimpses in her own environment have revealed a love of timtams and sweets, and often consumption of filo food and various pasta dishes, however further in-depth research required.

  Most distinguishable food habit or favour: From the limited information gathered on the eating habits of the enigma that is kit, it is evident that Kit has a preference of Asian ice-creams and often buys more variety than the others. Her choices include "fish ice cream", melon ice cream, the clear fruity or soda-y ones, etc... (Future blog planned to introduce public to these food items). CAUTION: Kit does not take excessive amounts of red meat very well. When dining with Kit a range of food groups is required
Food talent or trick: Kit often astounds the masses by her ability to continue eating even after the rest of us have raised the white flag of feast surrender. For that Kit, we salute you.

['S] Jen - Jen is the first to abandon the "it" streets of Blacktown, trading in Sydneys greater-west scene for the flashing lights and flurry of Sydney's CBD. Jen is the youngest, but undoubtedly the most sophisticated, high-roller and upper class of the bunch. Her migration to the big city opened wonderfood avenues to which we had experienced before. Though Jen lives the big life, she never forgets her roots. She documents her fine dining experiences, but still shares in the delights of creating food on a students budget, wonderful concoctions and has contributed her own set of food-experiments. Her excitement and pleasure in making strange mixes is encouraging and inspiring. 

Artist and designer to the core, Jen is the resident photographer of food when her camera is on hand. Though representing the "apostrophe S" of YAYA'S, Jen is no afterthought. 

  Most distinguishable food habit or favour: Jen, like Diane, has a strong appreciation for foods of the Asian persuasion. Being the token Chinese representative, she adds particular flavor to the YAYA'S mix. Jen is also the BREADHEAD of the YAYA'S. Note: Among Jen's many irritations and hates, 2 stand out more than any others; Mandarins and "mangoes", especially in trains.
  Food talent or trick: Jen is the Sensei in ancient art form of origami chopstick rests. She is also the mixer of the YAYA'S. Whether hot pot, easy bake goods, soups, bibimbap, japanese curry or chirashi, Jen is first to rhythmically and gracefully combine all the ingredients. This is possibly due to her past history in gymnastics.

And that is us...

As recorded earlier, this blog is a food blog for the people, by the people.
It is an opportunity to share our discoveries, theories, experiences and loves in relation to all things FOOD CENTERED.
"Wanna Spoon" will include:

  • New food ideas that are ACCESSIBLE to the public. 
  • Things you can try in your own homes, options in your own budget, in your own comfort zones and areas.
  • Reviews on which restaurants are good and which are not worth your money.
  • Food on certain budgets
  • An opportunity for you to give input on your own food ideas, inspirations, escapades and restaurant reviews and thoughts

"BUT WHY!?!" you ask? 
Through our sharing with you of our various adventures, our answering of questions and queries, and most especially through your most valued suggestions, input, recommendations and criticisms, we hope to create and cultivate a positive, comfortable, laid-back place where real people can share, learn and truly appreciate food. 

A place of trust, where your secret passion will not be judged. 
A place of inspiration.
We're like masterchef... but not... 

  We are inviting you, your eyes, your mind, your tastebuds, to a place which after entering, there is no turning back... YOU are invited to change your life. Are you ready? Are you game? Do you have what it takes?            


If so please follow our blogs. DIG IN!!! 
Please Note: Because we also have lives (even though at times it may not seem like it), we can't promise the consistency and regularity of our posts, but we can promise that our hearts are in each and every item that appears on this blog. 

DISCLAIMER: NOOOO! we don't really talk this cheesy and sound this stupid all the time.. haha. I just did it, as this is the initial post and i believe it adds effect? don't you think :P ENJOY!!!! ^____________^"

Below is a montage of a couple of our foodtivities and feasts over the years. (don't mind the music.. it's the only music I had on my uni comp :P)