Thursday, December 9, 2010

I heart "Ichiban Boshi"

This is one of my favourite lunch time destinations! When it's not busy that is... If you come right around 12-1:30pm or 6:30-8pm it's usually impossible to get seated without the 30-40 minute wait. So if you're starving, get cracking onto other restaurants because you will stand there.. and starve.
This place has never let me down.. From their beef tataki, to their curries, and all their ramen! The price range is from $10-$15!

Chicken Karage ramen.
I always tell them to put the chicken in a separate bowl because I like my textures.. And the soup makes it soggy :(

Chashu ramen.
I haven't tried this one. But I have a feeling the soup taste quite similar to the normal everyday ramen, just a different topping? Hahaha.

Wonton Ramen.
This tasted a little Chinese, probably because of the wontons.. But it really did taste Chinese.

The eel box.
I've never seen so many eel piled into one little box.

Tan tan tsukemen with spinach noodles.
I have a fetish for any soup/ noodles starting with the word "tantan". This was served cold and you dip the noodles in the soup as you eat it. The texture of the soup was very creamy, deliciously creamy. Strangely, to me it had a peanut sauce feeling to it. Delicious.

I don't have a picture of this.. But the beef tataki here is AMAZING! The onion shavings, the sauce.. the flavour combines like a party in my mouth!
And beverages! Definitely the iced green tea cappuccino if you dig the green tea flavour, and the melon float - combination of some melon soda with a scoop of ice cream on top!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Ya Padres: Quick and Easy Ribs (Chai've been cooking )

Second post dedicated to food for my daddios while my mum is gone. (see thai green curry for explanation)

Meat my dad =) MUHAHAHA

Quick and easy ribs!!!

I swear easiest, fastest, laziest marinade out.
All ya need is soy sauce, sugar, sprite, sesame oil and sweet chilli =) you can also swap soyo sauce for tomato sauce if you're anti soy. OOOH also add garlic nomnomnom.. many variations. but yes.

Marinade overnight.
Then chuck into the oven for umm... 20 minutes? 40 minutes? whoops. >< don't really time these things... just watch it till it looks cooked and nice and caramelized.

Done =) 
[p.s. always shop for the meaty ribs with small bones or else it's not worth your money or your marinade]

Burger patty making for dummies!

Since I'm still on the topic of burgers I'm going to show you a swift patty making recipe my brother taught me a couple of months back! I grew up in such a food family environment as my mum is a crazy cook/ cook-addict, unfortunately.. The cooking talent wasn't blessed and passed down to me.. instead.. it went to my brother. So this comes in pretty handy when the mum isn't around to nurture my stomach! :)

I didn't use any measurements (nor did I take a picture of all the steps because sometimes I'm such a fatty that I forget to take pictures in between periods, and also because I don't think you can go wrong with this). The ingredients are simply - mince beef, breadcrumbs, egg whites, and any herbs and spices to your liking! Use your guts, if it's too runny.. Put more breadcrumbs, if it's too thick, pour more egg whites. Sometimes I see my mum put her finger in the mixture of raw mince meat and lightly taste it.. But I think this is gross.

Here's our meat.

Shape it into a patty shape - or you can get creative!

Ahh.. Doesn't it look so much prettier and edible now... :-)

Bread.. Wholemeal, because we're such healthy chaps ;-)
I put it in the toaster to add some crunch!

And lastly.. Sauce! Who could live without sauce! I personally love smoky BBQ!

End product - with cheese. I put the cheese on too late so it didn't melt properly :-( And I think I may have slightly burnt it. Like I said.. I'm no great cook.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food Ya Padres: THAI GREEN CURRY (Chai've been cooking )

So my mum left for Philippines sometime last week leaving my father (padres) and I on our lonesome. In that time I haven't always had the pleasure of staying at home and keeping him constant company... so instead I've been cooking him really nice food in attempts to compensate for my lacking presence.

Though I do regret not being able to spend as much time with my dad as i'd like, I'm happy that I can still leave him something to show him my appreciation and something that can help to fill the void left by my mothers absence... or at least fill his stomach.

Food is a very powerful thing. You can really show love through food =)
My madres does it for my padres all the time...
Even though he has like you know, typical, older generation, asian dietary issues (high blood pressure, etc.) my madres still likes to show her love to him by feeding him his favourite foods (pork crackling, high salt content stuff, baklava, really buttery stuff -_-")
You name it... If it's bad for you... he'll like it... Of course she doesn't let him indulge all the time. But in those moments that she wants him to remember how much she cares, she makes food extra special.

He's been taking it kinda tough since she left.. he really misses her. And I know he really like curries and coconut creamy stuff and chilli... so I made this especially for him.

Love ya padres!
Food is Love.
:. Food ya padres

LOL tangent! =) that is all.. please enjoy my documentation in regards to my thai green curry...

This is my thai Green Curry =)

Raw ingredients!! sooo excited to cook!

 Chopped and ready!

 Chicken cooking in the green curry paste and coconut cream and other stuff... smelling gooooood.
 Chicken done! Added Veggies! (peas, baby corn, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, waterchestnuts, bok choy, zucchini) [I think i went abit veggie crazy.. almost didn't fit in wok!.. twas goooood]

Finished product =)

My Padres enjoying =)

Reviews: "Mmmm" - Mr Chai's Daddio.



No but really.. I'm glad to be back :-) I've had plentiful of foodventures during my 2-3 months probation period of no food blogging so I'm pretty loaded with materials! Woohooo!!!! ...Although I wasn't able to blog as much as I had hoped to after my penalty days were over because of 'technical difficulties' aka.. I was lazy.. and my pictures weren't with me.. but mostly.. yes I was lazy.

Anyways! First thing...

Moo Gourmet Burgers (We went here months ago)
Locations: Bondi, Coogee, and Newtown - I think we all went to the Coogee one? I'm very geographically challenged.

First we got some diebetes-causing drinks.. They were quite delicious although some of them did not taste like the flavours that we chose.. But who can resist cold sweet creamy goodies? We were definitely quite amused by the cool swirls that we made when we mixed the drinks, yep.. 21 year old us.

Unfortunately I don't remember the burgers that we ate! But it was delicious-o! Apart from the very hesitant, quite unfriendly girl who served us.. The place was pretty nice :) Maybe she had a bad day.. Maybe it was her favourite time of the month..

I wish I took SOME pictures of us girls being there, because we quite rarely find the opportunity to get together nowadays.. But.. this was the most effort I had in taking a photo with human presence.. Yep. That's Jen.. And Chai's arm. Fail.

And look how cute these S&P containers are! Ahhhh!!