Monday, December 6, 2010

Food Ya Padres: Quick and Easy Ribs (Chai've been cooking )

Second post dedicated to food for my daddios while my mum is gone. (see thai green curry for explanation)

Meat my dad =) MUHAHAHA

Quick and easy ribs!!!

I swear easiest, fastest, laziest marinade out.
All ya need is soy sauce, sugar, sprite, sesame oil and sweet chilli =) you can also swap soyo sauce for tomato sauce if you're anti soy. OOOH also add garlic nomnomnom.. many variations. but yes.

Marinade overnight.
Then chuck into the oven for umm... 20 minutes? 40 minutes? whoops. >< don't really time these things... just watch it till it looks cooked and nice and caramelized.

Done =) 
[p.s. always shop for the meaty ribs with small bones or else it's not worth your money or your marinade]

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