Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jhonny's UBER GIGANTIC Pizza! and life trick #1!

My Overall rating is a high 8/10 just for the food. I wouldn't plan a fancy dinner there. it's pretty tiny. but we had a good time and the people are uber friendly :)

If you're looking for something fun and different? looking for a way to feed the masses that's quick and easy. TRY JHONNY'S!

GIANT PIZZA!!!!! What more can i say? It speaks for itself :)
We got 2 flavours: seafood marinara and satay beef.

SATAY BEEF WAS THE BEST!!!! mmmmm definitely one to go back to. The crust, i have to admit is second to none.

can you tell we liked it? =P

WANNA-SPOON LIFE TRICK #1: I suggest you make a book for yourself and not down all the eatery's you want to try! I HAVE! and I tick after I've tried it :) whatta fatty! :D

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