Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PARMESAN TRUFFLE FRIES! no kidding.. they change your life.

A few months back my high school friends and i attended the TASTE food festival.. we didn't blog about it because we're lazy. LOL sorry.. but it did change my life. March 10 - 13 at Centennial Park. We had to buy crowns to buy food (see below). Food of all different kinds.. i've lost most of my pics already... but they had ice cream sandwiches etc. see this site for more details. http://www.tasteofsydney.com.au 
i suggest you get in for next year :) we met Manu and got a photo and learnt some interesting facts :) LOL 

THIS is where we first found the amazing TRUFFLE FRIES! Charlie and Co stall were selling these babies and I've never looked back.

Once you try them you will crave no other chip for the rest of your life.
Wonderful chips of potato deep fried to in Truffle oil to Golden perfection, Sprinkled with heavenly flakes of parmesan and i think a hint of Garlic. MUST ORDER WITH GARLIC AOILI or else you're robbing yourself!

AND THANK HEAVENS! The New Westfield on Pitt St in Sydney opened up a Charlie and Co in their fancy shamanci food court!!!!
Selling for $8 with free option of sauce eat in and get a bowl or take away with a rustic paper bag and box. 
It may seem small in the picture but don't be fooled. Absolutely filling and worth every cent! Enough to feed and fully satisfy and fill 2 people.

 Go there. Do it.. it will change your life.. I have introduced countless people to this find already and they too have had their lives changed.. Trust me! Trust Me.. you won't regret it. sometimes i even want to trek it all the way there just to eat them... mmmmmmmmmmm.


That's all :)

Life Trick #2: When you eat out with 2 or more people, DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHARE! order different things so you get to try everything! and Just slipt the bill at the end! Trust me... you won't get meningococcal. Sharing is the greatest! You get to try everything and you get full usually for cheaper :) 

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